The Search for The Best Doughnut: Scottsdale

In the heart of ASU lives a doughnut shop called Fractured Prune. This create-your-own-doughnut concept turns every hungry stomach into donut mad scientists! They do give you over a dozen choices of donuts of their own creation ranging from: the ASU devil doughnut to one named after the Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla mascot. Step up to…

Scottsdale: Original Chopshop Co. 

If you’re in the Scottsdale area and are looking for a healthy but good foodie spot for lunch this is right up your alley! I’m convinced they put crack in their food, because for some reason this is the only place I want to eat at everyday especially when I’m craving something hearty and healthy….

Blueberry Change: Love Gifted

Today’s post is brought to you by my good friend, lifestyle blogger, and fellow Oakland A’s WAG, Kaycee Sogard. She’s not only a mother to a stylish little girl named Saydee and a devoted wife to our second baseman, the face of “Nerd Power,” Eric Sogard, but she managed to find time to birth her…

Weeknight Date Night at Culinary Dropout

Last night I had the pleasure of finally trying Culinary Dropout for the first time since Scott started playing in the Cactus League for spring training. I feel as a self proclaimed foodie, I should be ashamed and denounce my title since it’s taken me this long to experience this trendy spot. But better late than never, right?!?