Weeknight Date Night at Culinary Dropout


Last night I had the pleasure of finally trying Culinary Dropout for the first time since Scott started playing in the Cactus League for spring training. I feel as a self proclaimed foodie, I should be ashamed and denounce my title since it’s taken me this long to experience this trendy spot. But better late than never, right?!?

This hip and trendy spot is perfect for either date night or going out with a group of friends. With the cool eclectic decor, each table has a different set of matching chairs and the booths are one long leather tufted bench that I want in a super manly office for Scott or study full of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. Taking inspiraton from the name, I can see why they want the place to look like an Ivy League study hall. The open kitchen was a perfect view for my date who likes to watch every plate come out of the expo window before he chooses his meal. Scott had his eyes set on this antique machine that had these industrial vices used to hold a hunk of meat in place and with a pull of a lever it shaved the meat, which we assume was for the shaved prime rib dip. That alone was every reason for Scott to order that for dinner. This place was full of young and old, and I could see why you would take your Tinder date there to impress her with the cool laid back bar that is open to both inside and outside seating. I could most definitely see this being a trendy happy hour spot where singles go to meet.


The menu lead off with your choice of Antipasti which is meant to be ordered “sushi restaurant” style where they list the meats, cheeses, and snacks individually on a long sheet of paper and with the given tiny pencil you mark the quantity of each item you want creating your own cheese board. We started off with a couple of items on the sharing menu that our server had suggested; the House made chips with the “famous” onion dip and the Black Mussels that were served with spicy sausage and Stella Artois beer, the perfect pairing to go along side the Stella Scott had already ordered for himself.

House Made Chips w/"famous" onion dipBlack Mussels w/ Spicy Sausage and Stella
I picked a hand crafted cocktail called the “After School Special” which consisted of raspberry-infused Jose Cuervo Silver, ginger agave nectar , lime, and Modelo Especiale that comes with a IMG_8169salted rim and the can of Modelo with your leftover beer.

What I didn’t realize until I was down to the last few sips of my cocktail, was that the left over beer was meant to be added periodically and stirred into your remaining drink. It was delicious either way, and I just looked at it like I had a cocktail and a beer for the price of one.

Cheap House salad w/buttermilk ranch dressingSince we always tend to order massive amounts of food for two, we kept in trend and ordered another course of soup and salad. Scott ordered “Yesterday’s Soup” because we all know soup is always better the next day, and tonight’s was Chicken Tortilla soup. I also had the cheap salad with buttermilk ranch dressing, which is exactly what it states on the menu, with no frills just straight up side salad.

Now finally we made it through the starters and onto the main event. By the time our entrees were brought out to the table, the food runner insisted on moving us to a bigger table to accommodate whatever starters were left behind since the small two-top we were sitting at would have forced us to prematurely give them up. Of course Scott ordered the Shaved Prime IMG_8175Rib, seeing he was in awe with the vice gripped meat shaver. I couldn’t even get a picture of his dish since he was already half way through it and stopped just to tell me that he “could eat it even if he didn’t have any teeth”, that’s how tender it was! Being Asian, I opted for the Korean Style Rib Cap, that the menu stated “very limited availability” and just my luck it was available! And it is a must when available! I would have loved to have leftovers and top it with Kimchee the next day for lunch! (Sorry the picture is a little dark and the rib cap is covered in cilantro but trust me it was tasty!)

Now onto dessert! I’m kidding! We did not have room for dessert!!! I considered it for a split second, but Scott immediately guilted me into not pressing the issue. I was just so giddy to try everything on the menu since we didn’t have one bad dish! I told him I want to come back every other night until I’ve tried everything I wasn’t able to try on this one trip. I pretty much wanted to make up for time lost and opportunities missed from every spring leading to this one.

If you’re ever in Scottsdale this is a MUST! They even have a new location in Tempe, Arizona!

7135 E Camelback Rd, Ste 125
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Click link for reservations

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