Plow – San Francisco

This breakfast spot has a special place in Scott & I’s heart. This was one of our all time favorite places to eat for breakfast in the city. We loved it so much we never wanted to share it with anyone else because there was a good chance you were waiting 30 minutes or more to get a seat for breakfast and we weren’t trying to spread the word!

Plow is located in the Mission District about seven minutes away from AT&T Park. The Mission District is home to a handful of amazing eateries and Plow is one of them.

The menu is farm to table style and printed everyday. They showcase local ingredients and feature new items on the menu while maintaining local favorites. Everything is scratch made. You can’t go wrong with one thing on the menu. Trust me I’ve had it all!!

If you were to force me to choose, my go-to would be “the plow” breakfast. It’s their version of a breakfast platter with two lemon ricotta pancakes, their house potatoes, your choice of meat (I always opted for the house made sausage), and eggs any style. I couldn’t help myself and force whoever I’m with to split one of their house made biscuits (looks like Scott hasn’t eaten his half pictured above). Probably THEE best biscuit I’ve ever had in life! We always started with a side of fruit because they don’t pinch pennies here! They aren’t giving you a fruit plate with all melon and little to no berries or actual fruit. They give you peaches, nectarines, berries, all the good stuff!! Scott frequented the fried egg sandwich. Even after learning his lesson the first time eating it when the yolk just shot out from inside the sandwich and all over his white shirt, he still remained loyal.

This is a place I would take anyone visiting me in town to because it is worth it! Whether you are sitting at the small counter top bar watching the kitchen make each order in sync, or you happen to get lucky and got a coveted seat inside the narrow indoor dining room, you are in for a treat! Outside seating is available, just remember this is San Fran and it is cold in the mornings so bring a jacket.

They do offer coffee at the front door while you wait so you can warm yourself up while sitting outside on the floating benches attached to the side of the building.

Public parking is available in the neighborhood on the steep hills. This was always the worst part of going there. After eating a delicious breakfast that I couldn’t stop shoveling into my mouth, I now had to climb this steep hill and work off what I just ate! Sometimes it was dangerous because it’s so steep, the car door felt like it weighed 50 pounds and I can barely get it open because Gravity was so strong!

I share this little neighborhood gem with you now because I sit here reminiscing about our time in San Francisco and this was one of my favorites. Sadly we are off to Los Angeles this year and we will make new memories and find another Plow to go to for our morning breakfast the day of his starts.

If you’re in San Francisco please stop by Plow and tell me you loved it as much as we did.


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