San Francisco Food Trucks – Off The Grid: The Yard on Mission Rock


IMG_9390Last year when my sister came to visit me in San Fran I really wanted to take her to a food truck rally and try out a truck with the concept of Filipino-Mexican fusion called Señor Sesig. I found this food truck through an app called Off the Grid. Off the Grid is a company that coordinates food trucks to permitted locations and through an app on your phone, you can find when and where your favorite food truck will be. Last year my sister and I had Señor Sesig at Off the Grid in Union Square. Ever since last year, I have been trying to convince Scott that we need to  make the trek into downtown and have it try it for the first time. For over a year now we’ve been talking about going down there so he can check it out for himself.

IMG_9392When we moved back to San Fran this year, we noticed a new eatery near us that converted old IMG_9395shipping containers into bar/restaurants called The Yard. The Yard is located directly behind AT&T Park with bleachers facing the stadium so you can drink and eat while watching the jumbotron of the game. The Yard has a courtyard of bar tables and chairs surrounded by a handful of food trucks that feature a beer garden, ice cream, coffee, quick bites, and the Filipino/Mexican food truck Señor Seisig. It took me three months to realize the food truck that I had bragged to Scott about had been in our backyard all along!

When my sister and mom came to visit last week I took them there to kill two birds with one stone; site see and lunch. Of course my mom immediately introduced herself to the guys in the food truck in tagalog. They did warn her that the sesig she was about to eat wasn’t going to be the traditional filipino sesig since it did have a mexican flair. We all ordered the same thing; pork sesig with rice. Yeah we all live on the edge, I know. We also shared the sesig fries that are covered with cheese, guacamole, pork sesig and diced jalapeños. Last year Sue and I had the sesig burrito with adobo rice that is uh-may-zing too! We of course ate everything like we had just gotten out of jail! They have a few other menu items like tacos, nachos, and a salad.Definitely recommend this place!


If you’re catching a game at the park this is a cool spot to chill and grab a bite and a beer. Its also a cheap spot to catch the game without having to buy a ticket!

This food truck was also featured on the Food Network Show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”


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