You Found Me!

Hey Guys!

If you’re reading this right now I am going to assume you’re either a relative, loyal friend, or stranger that may or may not have gotten lost and just so happened to stumble on this, and if that’s the case then I hope that I don’t disappoint. (NO PRESSURE!)

If you think you have reached this in error, let me clarify the domain name… is “let’s eat” not “let seat” and you were either shopping for chairs or tickets to a show in which I cannot provide either. Unless it’s a seat at my table, then everyone is invited! The more the merrier!

When I think of eating (which takes up 90% of my day) I am reminded of what brought me here in the first place. Since I was little and not even tall enough to reach the kitchen countertops, I looked up to the women in my family that ruled the kitchen. I was fortunate to be born into an interracial family where my grandma (my dad’s mom) was from Irish-American descent, and my mom from Filipino descent, cooked what I know as my comfort food. These two women from opposite ends of the food spectrum always had the same rules when it came to cooking….no one leaves hungry! Let me tell you these women did not mess around! They meant it when they said “keep eating!” I can tell you stories of when my sisters and I would eventually fall asleep at the table since we weren’t allowed to leave unless we finished our plates. Point being, these two women have facilitated my love for food and I hope to share those same experiences with you!

Stick around because I’m Bored Let’s Eat!

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