Lunch at Hog Island Oyster Co. 

Last week Scott had an off day and I wanted to share with him some of my favorite places to eat and relax in San Francisco. I often make trips to the Ferry Building for either lunch, to shop the indoor market, or check out the weekly farmers market. This time I was able to share Hog Island Oyster Co. with Scott and show him why this is a San Francisco staple.

Hog Island Oyster Co. is located on the backside of the Ferry Building with views of the Bay Bridge and the bustling Port of San Francisco. It’s equally famous neighbor is the Slanted Door which I have mentioned in a previous post about a trip to the Ferry Building when my sister visited.


Hog Island Oyster Co.’s menu is exactly what you can expect; it is seafood based and has a variety of oysters to choose from. Most if not all the seafood on the menu is sustainable.

Since it was an off day for Scott we wanted to try everything until we were in a food coma and someone was going to have to wheel us out of there!

Your experience starts in a amusement park type line out front where to wait to be seated. It does have a tall table you can lean on and enjoy drinks while you’re waiting. This day is was absolutely gorgeous out and we were hoping to sit out on the patio and soak in the beautiful weather. We were fortunate to enough to only wait for maybe ten minutes in line until the hostess offered us a seat at the community table outside in between two parties.

I’ve probably mentioned this before; how Scott likes to look at everyone food around him especially when they are taking us to be seated so he can get an idea of what’s on the menu. He usually sees something tat catches his eye and that’s what he ends up ordering.


Today we went for a smorgasbord! We obviously ordered the “bar mix” of oysters to start with aimagelong with the dungeoness crab hush puppies and we split the chowder. The hush puppies were so light and delicate and I urge you to dunk them into your chowder and you can thank me later! The chowder was packed with fresh clams with a really light cream based broth and vegetables. I’m not a huge white wine drinker, but the buttery Chardonnay the server suggested went perfect with everything.

For entrees, I went with the server suggestion that was a summer pasta on special with dungeness crab and the pasta was actually from a vendor located inside the Ferry Building. I’m not sure what type of pasta noodles they were but they were amazing. We are going to make another trip to the inside market just to buy that type of pasta and try it at home. The server imageexplained to us how the dungeness crab is local, from under the Golden Gate Bridge to be exact, and that they are coming out of season so they haven’t had them on the menu for a few weeks due to the inflation of pricing from the fishermen. Today I lucked out! If it wasn’t this pasta my next choice would have been the Steamers or the fish and chips. The menu has a variety of seafood items from sandwiches to pasta to the seafood stew that Scott ordered. The stew was packed with mussels, clams, shrimp and other seafood.image

Another menu item that caught my eye was the Grilled cheese made with local cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery also located inside the market. I joked about getting a grilled cheese at a seafood restaurant but come to find out they recommend getting the grilled cheese and dunking it in the chowder. That’s my game plan for our next trip there!

If you’re ever in the San Fran area this is one restaurant you will want to try for lunch. They don’t take reservations but standing in line and getting to know the people around you while enjoying the views are an experience in itself.


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